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Özer Feyzioğlu


Selen Öztürk


Gürkan Uygun


Levent Ülgen


Yetkin Dikinciler


Hayat Van Eck





Our country and prints the name of the history of world sport in golden letters, the cover of Time magazine with success describing the Naim life "Pocket Hercules: Naim Suleymanoglu" is entering movie theaters on November 22. Ozer Feyzioğlu which sits in the director's chair, Peace Pirhasan wrote the screenplay and produced the film Fahr Atakoğlu of Digital Arts is taking his music. overcoming the barbell power, assign almost undersigned impossible achievement, "World's Best Athlete" selected legendary weightlifter Naim Suleymanoglu his career 47 World Record, 3 Olympic Gold Medal he won in consecutive 3farkl Olympics, 6 7 one world championship and the European championship and was fit successes nice. It went down in history as the only athletes that can remove more than 3 times its own weight. When taken the first world records, he was 15 years old. Naim Suleymanoglu first athlete who won the gold medal in Olympic wrestling outside of Turkey, left behind broken records impossible. The young and talented players will follow the life Van Eck Süleymanoğlu role of "Pocket Hercules: Naim Suleymanoglu" In the film, the father of Solomon Süleymanoğlu Authority Dikinciler, the mother Hatice Süleymanoğlu portrays Selen Ozturk. We will follow the Gürkan appropriate to the Naim our ability to realize the role it step by step weight lifting and carrying the first coach Anwar Turkic world sports arena. CGV from November 22 through Mars in the film will meet with the audience, Levent Ulgen, Renan Bilek, Peace Kıralioğl, Bulent Cheers, Kemal Basaran, Mehmet Esen, Universe of Mustafa Kırantep and Ugur Sun Ismail Hacıoğlu is taking part in valuable player from one another like.