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Ali Atay


Binnur Kaya


Mert Denizmen


Mehmet Özgür


Feyyaz Yiğit


Uğur Yücel


Cengiz Bozkurt





Istanbul Police Department Homicide Bureau teams in one day are faced with a murder case they are ever used. Superintendent Sure, Saleh commissioner, deputy commissioner and commissioner Asuman confiscate team event consisting of Aladdin. But come the bizarre murders one after another. What a team in the hands of evidence, nor is there a hint. Nerves stretching, supervisors are becoming uncomfortable. Cases are increasing by the press and the public interest is intensified. This creates a great pressure on Emin et al. Finally, Director General of Police, from America "crime expert" Running is also appointed as the superintendent Dizdar sure to guide the team. Worries, and friends are suffering under oppression and despair sure, Turkey is seen as the most bizarre serial killings chain, is trying to solve may be at the opposite corner method. For a moment, even given the pace of decline in this race against time, turns into a tragicomedy terrific from the very beginning. Finally, one question remains: Is it going to give up the killer, or is it the police? Decorations murder, regardless of the audience to laugh breath, carries the most exciting and funny stories to the big screen in recent years.