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Cengiz Özkarabekir


Pelin Batu


Berna Laçin


Levent Üzümcü


Yetkin Dikinciler


Serkan Altıntaş





Ahmet Ümit, he wrote the screenplay for 'Hello, my country has undertaken for many years the director of Fine Cengiz Özkarabek who have prepared several documentaries. Two of the authors set out the film from the real life story of the journey from Moscow Nazim Hikmet, Ahmet Ümit's tumultuous life in the 1980s and tells effects on going to Moscow. Quite a different fictional language described 'Hello Beautiful in my homeland, Nazim Hikmet, while Powers Dikinciler life, Ahmet Ümit Serkan Altintas also portrays the young players. follow about 150 people in subordinate roles we made Berna Lachin, Pelin Batu, Hope Beşkır on, Levent Üzümcü, Iskender Bagcilar Mehmet Tokat, Alper Türedi, Kutay Sahin, Adnan Furrier, Ayhan Bozkurt, Edis Atiker, Anas Kava as masters and young names starring in . The film also included important sections since Turkey, while displaying the most dramatic aspects of the authors of challenging adventure, he emphasized the redemptive power of art and literature. Life is short, art long adopted the slogan of the movie, the two young people, how they live in an era explores the impact of the writers they return.